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Instant  death-  14Nov 2006  [Photos sent by Shukri M Shukri - Dammam- Saudi Arabia]







Rest in (peace) pieces...

Swallowed  death-  13Nov 2006  [Photos sent by Shukri M Shukri - Dammam- Saudi Arabia]











Burnt to death-  13 Nov 2006  [Photos sent by Shukri M Shukri]








Accident mishap !!!  [photos courtesy Dinakaran ][dated  7 Nov 2006]


Doctor is happy...  finally he found his scissors....!!!!


A scissor was removed after 12 years !!!! from the stomach of Mrs. Sihamani Ramalingam which was kept accidentally by a smart doctor during a cesarean surgery. Though the scissor is removed her stomach is totally damaged and she is in serious condition.  ~  5 Nov 2006


Human life is cheap....!!!!  - 05 Nov 2006  [photos courtesy Dinakaran ]

Play meets death


This little girl Pranav (2 yrs) felldown from 3rd Floor balcony and died instantly when she was playing.  This is a warning to other parents.

Chennai Choolai 4 Nov 2006





Casual Hit....   Karoor-TN    4 Nov 2006




Let somebody turn the bus....   unable to read the banner !!!   7 Nov 2006




Death Crossed level crossing  - 01 Nov 2006  [photos courtesy Dinakaran]


One second mistake killed 18 people at Kanjeevaram, Chennai, TN. Unmanned level crossing crossed 18 lifes.



The poor victims were going to attend an old lady's death rituals.




Dogs or Devils? (29 Oct 2006)


Looking for human flesh at Cunnoor TN



Victim - Badly eaten Nagaran (7 yrs.) by dogs


Borewell disaster  (24 Jul 2006)


After 24 hours struggle, Indian para military (special force came from Bombay)  redeemed

a 5 years old boy who accidentally fell into a  unmanned bore-well of 18 meter depth.


A two-day rescue mission that captured the imagination of millions of Indians, ended late yesterday when soldiers in the northern state of Haryana rescued a child who had been wedged 18 metres down a bore well for more than 50 hours.

The boy, known only as Prince, emerged apparently unhurt from the hole to be greeted by thousand of onlookers and politicians who had gathered to pray for his safe delivery. They were joined by millions of television viewers watching live broadcasts from the site in the village of Aldeharhi.

The Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, was said to be following the story closely and some television reports said the influx of politicians asking for updates delayed the rescue effort. Before Prince's rescue, an Indian news agency quoted an official in the premier's office as saying: "The Prime Minister prays for the speedy rescue and good health of the young boy who has been trapped. We will take full medical care of the boy on his rescue."

Prince, who was six on the day of his rescue, had been playing near the irrigation shaft on Friday when he fell through an empty sack which shielded the entrance to the 60ft hole. He plunged to the bottom of the well, which is just wide enough to take a child but too narrow for an adult.

Villagers were alerted to his plight only when they heard his wails. After police failed to retrieve the boy, they called in the army. For two days, soldiers used their hands to clear mud from a disused well 10 metres from the shaft, careful not to use heavy machinery that might dislodge loose soil.

Meanwhile, news networks beamed haunting images of the child to viewers worldwide. Zee News began covering the story on Saturday and soon millions were captivated. Throughout Saturday night, concerned viewers bombarded the station's offices with messages of sympathy and support. Some children had asked to speak to Prince. Yesterday, most television channels scrapped their schedules to follow the rescue effort live as soldiers pumped oxygen down the shaft. Early yesterday Prince could be heard pleading with his father, waiting to be rescued. Later he reassured his father that he was feeling all right, as rescuers sent milk and chocolate, along with biscuits and tea made by his mother.

Once the rescuers reached the required depth, they burrowed towards the shaft, eventually breaking through. They brought the boy back through the tunnel and up the abandoned well to daylight and safety, cheered by well-wishers.

Prayers for Prince had been held in temples, mosques and churches across India. Shashi Jain, a caller to Zee News, said: "May God add the remaining years of my life to this little boy's life."

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