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Vegam - Racy all the way    

Cast: Ashwin Sheker, Archana, Prabhu, Kushboo, S Ve Shekher, Sriman
Music: Rajesh Vaidhya
Direction: K R Udayashankar

Actor-turned-politician SVe Shekher's Son Ashwin Shekher makes his debut as hero in ‘Vegam’, directed by K R Udayashankar. A suspense thriller, the movie has enough action and sentiment loaded in the right mix. As a caring father, Shekher has chosen to introduce his son in a movie that underplays heroism. The movie begins as a romantic entertainer which snowballs into a suspense drama.

Seemingly inspired by Hollywood hit Cellular, ‘Vegam’ is a perfect launch-pad for Ashwin.

Good in stunt and dance sequences, Ashwin has come out with a bold performance considering his maiden attempt on big screen. Giving able company to Ashwin are Prabhu, Kushboo and Sriman. Archana as heroine is passable. Shekher plays a cameo, who tickles the funny bone in the audience.

The movie revolves around Ashwin, who runs an event management company. He comes to Malaysia to meet his lover Archana.

He comes across a telephone call from a woman, (Kushboo) who cries out for help. She is locked up in a place by a gang led by a suspended cop (Sriman). Unable to cut the telephone line, Ashwin sets in search of the woman in a bid to rescue her. How he goes about accomplishing the task forms the rest.

Screenplay by Shekher is racy.  Rajesh Vaidhya’s catchy musical score does work out well. Especially the soft melody ‘Kalabha Mayilae’ still lingers in our hearts. Suresh Urs' editing and K S Selvaraj's cinematography have played their part well.

On the flip side, the climax is too lengthy and predictable. All said, Ashwin has made a decent beginning and if he could hone his acting skills a bit more, he is sure to give the big guns a run for their money.


Verdict - In short, a damp squib...


Courtesy:  - IndiaGlitz