Tamil Movies 2005 - THE BOTTOM 10 (Never attempt to watch these Movies)

2005 The Bottom 10
No:10 Gurudeva
No:1 Meesai Madhavan
Here, in reverse order (best of the worst to worst of the worst) are the 10 least watchable tamil films of 2005.

10 Gurudeva
Jai Akash, who seems to attract bad projects like a light attracts moths, didn't fit the role of the rowdy here. The movie wasted a nice twist with an ineffective screenplay that let chances for a crowd-pleasing second half go waste.Guru Devuda Devuda!

9 Jai Soorya
The film proved that even a dual role, usually the recipe for an entertaining film, can be used in idiotic ways. Logic and the film's quality took a steep dive after the introduction of the second role and the expected plot development of the two switching places. Jai Poor-ya!

8 Karka Kasadara
One-time A-list director R.v.Udhayakumar made a comeback with this film, relying on glamour and vulgarity rather than story or cast. With little else to offer, Vijay's cousin Vikranth tried to piggyback solely on the Ilayathalapathy's popularity.

7 Ullakkadathal
This is what you get when you cast uncharismatic actors in poorly developed characters. The relationships between the characters were so weak that the conflicts between them made no impact and the film ended up using every cliche in the book as it dragged to a weak ending.Ullakkodumai!

6 Kaadhal FM
A rip-off that would make anyone associated with the Hollywood original(The Truth About Cats and Dogs) kill themselves in horror. Falling in love after only hearing someone's voice has never seemed sillier and the lead pair seemed to be made for each other only in their stupidity. A twist at the end helped the film end on an unexpected note though.Sodhappal FM!

5 Ayodhya
This film is probably the most complicated love story ever as we spend our time figuring out what religion the heroes actually belong to. Eventually we give up and apparently so did the director since the climax provides no closure to the multiple storylines. Not that we cared... Avadhi-ya!

4 Iyer IPS
For every good film he acts in, Satyaraj seems determined to act in atleast 5 bad ones and this one was the worst of the lot this year. The film let some potentially interesting conflicts go to waste with over-the-top characters and exaggerated situations. Satyaraj was in full over-the-top mode as the Brahmin cop and to compound our misery, overacted as the mute villain too.

3 Kaatrullavarai
One would've thought a director working in Kodambakkam would have a better idea of how people in the filmworld behave. Guess not! Pranathi neither looked nor acted like a heroine while Jai Akash seemed like the automatic choice for playing a wimp. Ridiculous situations abounded.

2 Kicha Vayasu 16
When a hero appears in 3 of the year's worst 10 movies, its a pretty good sign that his screening process is screwed up. But forget Jai Akash. Simran's presence was the biggest surprise in this cheap and vulgar film about a student's crush on his school's headmistress. Rather sad goodbye for the top actress of most of the last decade. A Thulluvadho Ilamai-wannabe, the film had no redeeming qualities. Kicha Mark 0!

1 Meesai Madhavan
In a year filled with lowbrow comedy, this film sunk the lowest. When a dog urinating on a man's face is the director's idea of comedy, he can't sink much lower. To make matters worse, the main track was aimless and even confusing and the comedy was irritating. You know the director is confused when the comedy track becomes mired in sentiments and ends on a sad note! Imsai Madhavan!


Courtesy:  Balaji Balasubramaniam