Tamil Movie Reviews:

Urchagam  உற்சாகம் 

Cast: Nandha, Sherin
Music: Ranjith Barot
Direction: Ravichandran

Ravichandran is back with his latest quixotic entertainer ‘Urchagam’ that takes off with pulsating visuals assisted by invigorating voice-over. Love, amity and romance preside over the first half of the film but sadly the end fails to draw the same review and interest. Nandha and Sherin, who play pivotal leads, value the particulars of their character and deliver outstandingly well.


The plot hovers around Jency (Sherin) and Ganesh (Nandha). Jency is Ganesh’s close pal whom he loves dearly. When he confesses his love for her, Jency enlightens him to the fact that she is engaged to a multi millionaire industrialist Nicholas (Dinesh Lamba) settled in London.

Nicholas is a green-eyed vicious man who funds for Jency’s mother’s surgery. Burdened with favor and gratitude, Jency agrees to marry him inspite of knowing his real colors. He makes life hell for her in the span of time between her engagement and her marriage. Ganesh comes to her rescue and here begins the glove game between the two. Who wins the prizefight is the thing to look forward to. Nandha evolves as an actor with this flick. He shows a considerable improvement in his mannerisms, discourse and screen presence. He is buoyant with energy onscreen.


Leading lady Sherin is fizzy with fervor here. Up till now she had won accolades as a glam doll, but with this film she has shown that she isn’t just another pretty face in the line, but a great actress in making. Vivek amuses in his witty role. Ranjit Barot of ‘VIP’ fame composes the soundtrack and comes up with some real good tracks. The music forms the spine of the film. The film is not encumbered with any obtuse angle. Till the climax, ‘Urchagam’ promises novelty but the director fails to hold the interest and winds up the film as any casual flick with the hero and villain tussling for the heroine. 


GV Films earn a pat for producing an unusual film amidst commercial chestnut. This film is loaded with potential and a novel ending would have just added to its greatness. But sadly Ravichandran disappoints. Overall, a flick that entertains.

Courtesy:  musicindia