Tamil Movie Reviews:


Cast: Ravikrishna, Ileana, Tamanna, Atul Kulkarni   
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Direction: Jothikrishna 

The team made up of producer 'Editor' Mohan and his two sons, hero 'Jayam' Ravi and director Raja, has given us three hits in a row so far. FOllowing in their footsteps, A.M.Rathnam has now produced Kedi with his son Ravikrishna as the hero and his other son Jothikrishna as the director. But this is not as good a team-up as 'Editor' Mohan, 'Jayam' Ravi and Raja. Jothikrishna here doesn't have the same talent as Raja at mixing things together to provide a good entertainer. And Ravikrishna is more than a few notches below 'Jayam' Ravi in the 'likeable hero' category.

Raghu(Ravikrishna), the son of a store owner, is one of the last benchers - those guys who sit in the last bench, never listen to the professor and come to college just to have fun - in college. He rubs Priyanka(Tamanna), a minister's sister and his classmate, the wrong way and she makes it her job to insult Raghu. But that doesn't work as she had planned since it makes Raghu a better student. So she starts liking him though Raghu likes Arti(Ileana), another classmate. But Priyanka is a girl who is used to getting the things she wants.

Kedi is a love triangle but plays with our expectations by presenting characters that don't fit into the usual Tamil cinema conventions for such triangles. For instance, the 'loser' in the love triangle is actually more charismatic than the heroine. Tamanna is good at academics and a good dancer while Ileana never stands out. In fact, its never clear why Ravikrishna falls for her. Similarly, Tamanna's brother Atul Kulkarni is affectionate and not one of those brothers who keeps his sister on a tight leash. So, though all this is shown in a flashback and we know exactly how things are going to turn out, the film still manages to maintain some unpredictability because of its characters.

The film works as a romantic comedy for a while. But it then has a shift in tone that is really jarring. Initially, the film is filled with college and classroom antics that feature the usual comedy, romance and one-upmanship. But towards the end, we get violence, torture and stunts that just don't suit the tone of the movie so far. These scenes are quite raw and visceral and the violence is not the comic, bloodless variety we usually see either.

The film gets quite convoluted towards the end and Ravikrishna goes to a lot of trouble to do things that could be done with in a much less complicated way. But there are some nice surprises with respect to one of the characters towards the end. We're being manipulated ofcourse but in a good way since the revelations are unexpected and help us learn a few things. This once again makes the characters go against the usual conventions and leads to an ending that is not as upbeat as most endings.

Ravikrishna is just as irritating as usual with his inexpressive face and whiny, unmodulated voice. He is really slow and lethargic in the dances and fights too, proving that he has none of the requirements to be a hero. Tamanna gets a meaty role and is impressive. She is not all that expressive either but that goes well with her character. Ileana looks like she could carry off both homely and modern roles well. But this movie doesn't give her the opportunity to shine and she is overtaken by Tamanna. Atul Kulkarni gets a rather sorry role. Aadhivaasi Naane... is an immediately catchy number by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Courtesy:  Balaji Balasubramaniam