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Cast: Vijayakanth, Vijayakumar, Lakshmi Rai
Music: Shrikanth Deva
Direction: Perarasu
Review by: Jeevitha


According to Business magazine review: The following items' sales have been doubled after the release of this movie.

  • Cottons

  • Zandu balm

  • Itch guard

-Caution notice will be added for viewers' safety ___admin


After the major downfall of Ajith's tirupathi by its director..per ..per ..perarasu….he was thinking who could he terminate next and ..yes….he got our captain and that's the evolution of a legendary universal(tamil) film "DHARMAPURI"…

Precautionary steps to watch this film:
1.Four pieces of cotton…(2 to keep in ears…and the rest 2 will be kept in our noses after we watch the film fully)
2. zandu balm,tiger balm..if possible original time bomb.
3. itch guard (b'cos paadhi padam paarthu namaku udambellam pull'arikum').

Captain Vijaykanth(3/ 4 screen…),Heroine-achacho paavam(not even 4 scenes including songs),comedy. .all scenes where captain comes becomes comedy to the core.
All other vetti actors(donno what they do ½ time).

Moments of the film:
1.Captain's intro:----- NO ever Indian..oops. .hollywood film could ever try such imagination to project his hero to this level as perarasu does.(u deserve an applause..). while all his partymen,first bench fans,wait for his entry in screen..there comes captain to save a minister's girl from a rowdy in rameswaram.. rowdy threatens everyone including policemen nearby with his gun and no one goes near him(obvious. .)Captain looks at him,goes nearhim barehanded. The rowdy warns him 3 times(Indian cinema rule..not more than 3) and then shoots at him..the bullet hits vijaykanth's chest…and reflects back and hits the rowdy's chest and kills him…Please wait…don't get astonished.then he takes out the "archani plate"he hids in his shirt(what a archanai thattu..if u can get for 10 rs.it acts as bullet proof and cd save ur life).
Advice to all military forceslease dismantle all ur bullet proof shields and get archanai thattu's for them. cost cutting one.

2. Most of the film people are doing silly things and no body including captain understands why they r doing such thing. If time permits captain gets his costume change and starts performing exercises. I'm sorry…..dances!!! and 30 to 40 dancers surround him and shout"neenga thaan nallavar, neenga thaan vallavar, neenga naaliku CM, morningna AM, eveningna PM"…horrible torture and where on earth his costumes are picked up…fluorescent coloured shirt specially and he makes a point that in all scenes including his duet or romantic scene his party's "flaming torch"symbol is projected well. And a grand make up like rajkiran with a big crown on his head and sandal on his body(weak hearted people pls omit the scene)

3. Half the film is like assembly meetings and virudhachalam campaign speeches.and everybody including the villain praises him .
"naan adangi poravan illai adakitu poravan"
"ivaru kootani vaika maatar,thani aala thaan irupaar"
"ennai nambuna nambikai..mathavang alukku etcharikai"
ivar naadodi illai….naadodi mannan"..

When u atleast have the peace that the director Perarasu didn't act in this film as he did in tirupathi….after interval even that dream goes crashed..oops. here we have his entry as "Speed"lawyer perarasu.he comes and says"naan porandha edam sivakasi, valarandha idam tirupachi, pona idam tirupathi,ipo nikaradhu dharmapuri"innum neraya idam poven….(oh god we are done for…mokkanayakanur, paanaampati, paradesipalayam. .lots to come ). Soon he will become best competitor of T rajendhar.

Note:- don't miss the scene where captain hits 50 men in a row with a single kick which even matrix Keanu reaves couldn't get it right. And also the scene where captain blasts 1000 figure bombs(kanni vedi.he..he) with his small remote control which we use for MP3 players in car's.(technology drives…)

Iam sorry guys(?????)I didn't see the climax, I came away ½ hr before climax as I was in a mood to hit my head somewhere and cry badly seeing this.

Last but not least "Dharma puri"---poisonous pani puri. Die another day

UV (Unfortunate Viewer)

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