Tamil Movie Reviews:


Cast: Santosh, Ankita, Nasser, Hanifa, Ramesh Khanna, Telungana Shakuntala, Tejasri
Music: Srikanth Deva
Direction: Parkavan

With high-profile movies like Kireedam and Bheema waiting for Sivaji to release, a slew of smaller movies seem to be hitting the screens now. This is not exactly a bad thing since a few movies with little-known stars and new directors have turned out to be pleasant surprises in the past. The problem is that the majority have proved to be duds. Thiru Ranga also belongs to the latter category. With a plot that stretches the limits of credulity and an uncharismatic cast, it doesn't earn the respect that its name indicates.

Ranga(Santosh) stays in the city with his friends who believe he is a software engineer. But he is actually a rowdy whose only goal is to earn money. To achieve his goal, he works for Rayappa(Nasser), a dada who conducts his activities under the guise of being a financier for films. Rayappa and an ex-MP Reddy have their eyes on Sree(Ankita), a leading actress but she spurns their offer and insults them. So they plan to kidnap her and Santosh is selected for the job.

Thiru Ranga has a plot that can only be termed 'atrocious'.Every plot point in the film tests the limits of our credulity only for a subsequent plot point to come along and raise the bar even higher! The film starts off with a rowdy convincing his friends that he works as a software engineer, then presents an actress who utters outrageous statements at a public function and later expects us to believe that a film financier can kidnap one of the leading actresses and cover it up by simply telling the press that she has gone abroad on vacation. Believability and realism have obviously not been very high on the director's agenda.

After a welcome - even if short - break from movies with a rowdy as hero, Thiru Ranga once again features a rowdy in the main role. The only relief is that it doesn't follow the usual storyline of such movies and it doesn't provide a cliched reason(an orphan who was taken in by a dada) for Santosh turning into a rowdy. He is in it for the money and the money itself is for a good deed. Thats not to say that the reason is completely believable. His flashback is designed to elicit sympathy but doesn't make an impact because those involved make decisions that are too hasty.

The film's third act moves to a different location but it has been exploited in all the wrong ways. The dangers of the setting could have been used to add some thrills or the loneliness afforded by it could have been used to develop the romance in an interesting way. But Thiru Ranga does neither. It brings in some inane comedy and then compounds our irritation with an item number that is included under a really lame excuse.

Santosh looks vaguely familiar and may have played the hero's friend in some other movies. But he's definitely not ready to be promoted to hero. He is blank and expressionless most of the time and when he does try emoting, it ends up being funny. Ankitha, seen a long time ago in London, has big eyes but ends up overacting with them anyway. Hanifa plays her manager and has a few funny lines as he gets caught up in Nasser's plan.

Courtesy:  Balaji Balasubramaniam