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Cast: Vijayakanth, Damini, Prakashraj, Anandraj, Pandiarajan, Chandrasekhar, Sarathbabu
Direction: Udhayan

Perarasu is one of the few Vijayakanth films in recent times that seems to be aimed at viewers other than just his fans. While not as mature or ambitious as Ramanaa, it is more than simply an excuse to string together some stunts, punchlines and dances in colorful dresses. The tackiness is still there but accompanies a more meaty story than usual.

When Judge Sadasivam(Nasser) disappears, CBI officer Kasi Viswanathan(Vijayakanth) is brought into the picture. Undeterred by the obstacles in his way, he starts investigating the disappearance. The trail leads him to three police officers and from them, to minister Ekalavyan(Prakashraj), who has the cops under his control. But when someone starts eliminating the police officers, Kasi himself comes under suspicion.

Perarasu has a few neat tricks up its sleeve and works pretty well initially as an investigative film. Vijayakanth's investigation follows a logical path and consists of some good ideas and moves(like his way of dealing with the guys with painted faces who come to fight with him). Its no Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu but the way Vijayakanth eventually reaches Prakashraj step-by-step is quite sensible. The path isn't straightforward and he employs some good ruses to flush out the truth.

But the film doesn't stay on the investigative track for very long and turns into a murder mystery.The way the murders of the three police officers happen creates some very interesting knots and takes the screenplay along a very different path that generates interest. But this path also turns out to be the film's undoing since it loses a little steam once the identity of the killer is revealed. The film reveals itself to be a routine revenge tale with an uninteresting(and long) flashback to set up the revenge.

But the identity of the killer also creates an interesting conflict. In another movie, the emotional component of the conflict could have led to a gripping tale. But this being a Vijayakanth movie, the focus is on the action. Not that it hasn't been done well. The interesting issue has been exploited well in many sequences(like the assasination attempt at the political meeting) and there is some nice suspense about who some of the characters really are.

Vijayakanth thankfully sticks to what he is good at here, keeping the dancing and the romancing to a minimum. There are a few political potshots and punchlines but those go with the territory, especially since he is now a bonafide politician. Damini has a pathetically small role, even considering that this is a Vijayakanth role. As a result, she makes no impression. Prakashraj adds some color to the familiar politician-villain role with his uncontrollable love of the arts. Anandraj got some of his more memorable villain roles in Vijayakanth films like Maanagara Kaaval and here he again gets a good role of an honest, Malayali inspector. Pandiarajan plays a regular sidekick though Muthukaalai gets more chuckles in the short time he is onscreen.

Courtesy:  Balaji Balasubramaniam