Tamil Movie Reviews:

Pallikkoodam  பள்ளிக்கூடம்

Cast: Narain, Sneha, Shreya Reddy, Thangar Bachan, 
Music: Bharadwaj
Direction: Thangar Bachan

Thangar Bachan's Pallikoodam is a trip to the past. Inspired by his novel Kalavadiya Pozhuthukal, the movie dwells on a serious issue of developing proper infrastructure in schools, especially in rural areas.

In a nutshell, the movie is about a group of alumni, who come together to save their school from being brought down.  Thangar had tried to portray the emotions and feelings of the alumni.


He has tried to dish out a film with a good storyline.

However, the director should have tried to infuse more pace in the screenplay and define his characters better. The dialogues in many scenes are lengthy, hence the seriousness of the plot is lost at several points.  The aura and emotions that Thangar Bachan rendered in his earlier venture like Azhagi are missing here.


The movie is about a school that faces trouble and is on the verge of shutdown.  In a bid to save the school, Kumaraswami (Thangar Bachan), a labourer and a past student of the school, decides to go in search of Vettrivel (Naren), a District Collector now, who was an alumni of the school.  Fate brings together past students Vettrivel, Kumaraswami and Muthu (Seeman), a film director in Kollywood now.

Vettrivel, after his failed affair with Kokila (Sneha), now a teacher in the school, is reluctant to return to his village.

A flashback reveals that Vettrivel, a son of a potter, falls in love with Kokila, daughter of a rich land lord in the village.


Jhansi (Shreya Reddy), who runs a medical dispensary, gets acquainted with Muthu, Kumaraswami, Vettrivel and Kokila. She is driven out of the village for encouraging the love affair between Vettrivel and Kokila.


How they come together to save their school from being brought down forms the crux of the story. Thangar as Kumaraswamy walks away with all honours. An earthy and straight- from-the-heart performance by him.  Narain and Seeman fit the bill well.

It's a matured performance by Sneha, who pours out right emotions on the screen.


Shreya Reddy as Jhansi catches the eye despite her loosely etched character. Though not a celluloid classic, Pallikoodam is worth watching.

Courtesy:  musicindia