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Cast: Prashanth, Nila, Meghna Naidu, Vijaykumar, 'Fefsi' Vijayan
Music: -
Direction: -
In recent years, Baasha is probably the film that has inspired the most number of other movies. Since that movie released, almost every other actor worth his salt has appeared in a film that had him as a soft-spoken, violence-abhorring man in the first half and a man who led a life of violence in the second half. Now its Prashanth's turn. The quality of these remakes has ranged from entertaining to outright bad and Prashanth's Jaambavan unfortunately comes in at the lower end of that scale.

Velan(Prashanth) leads a contented life in the village with his family. But he is frequently affected by visions that tell him that all is not right with him. After an encounter with rowdies, where he realizes that he actually knows all details about them, he confronts his father(Vijayakumar). That when his father reveals the truth about his past. So Velan travels to the city to complete some unfinished business.

Jaambavaan follows the same trajectory as all those other movies that have the same storyline. So we have Prashanth and his happy family, a closely-held secret about his violent past, a flashback detailing his reason for taking up violence and jump back to the present where loose ends are tied up. The director has been content with following this storyline faithfully and so the film holds no surprises. The entire film gives a feeling of having seen it all before and even individual scenes seem completely familiar.

When a movie is based on such a familiar theme, how entertaining it is comes down to how well the screenplay is constructed. And Jaambavaan is a letdown on that aspect too. It has all the necessary ingredients like romance, sentiments and action but none of them are handled well. Prashanth's romance with Nila is feeble, with Nila's character standing out unrealistically in the village setting. His romance with Meghna Naidu starts off a little better(their first meeting is a nice surprise) but isn't given an opportunity to grow. The villains are a familiar, unremarkable bunch whose actions are more distasteful than horrific.

Once Prashanth turns into Jaambavan, the movie turns into Tiruppaachi as he goes on a rowdy-killing spree. This obviously involves a lot of stunts and punch dialogs. But Prashanth doesn't have the charisma or the standing of actors like Rajnikanth and Vijay to carry these off convincingly. So scenes like the one where he makes a bull turn back by simply staring(!) at it, end up looking ridiculous.

Prashanth is appearing onscreen after a long time but he obviously hasn't used the time to improve his screening process for movies. Nila and Meghna Naidu hardly make an impression but they are not to blame since they are given so little to do. 'Fefsi' Vijayan has a face suited for villainy but isn't effective here since he overacts a lot. I'm not sure why they selected singer T.N.Seshagopalan to play Prashanth's father in the flashback. Maybe to add some authenticity to scenes of teaching singing or to the shot of him receiving a commendation from President Abdul Kalam? But he just embarasses himself trying to act.

Courtesy:  Balaji Balasubramaniam