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Cheena Thaana 001 சீனா தானா 001      

Cast: Prasanna, Sheela, Vadivelu, Manivannan, Nizhalgal Ravi, Livingston, Riyaz Khan, Delhi Ganesh, Ilavarasu, Visu
Music: Deva
Direction: T.P.Gajendran
Director T.P.Gajendran has come out with a hilarious movie titled 'Cheena Thaana 001'. The film is the remake of a Malayalam movie 'CID Moosa'. There are many enjoyable sequences in the film. Prasanna and Vadivelu have dominated the show.

Prasanna is the son of a Police constable (Delhi Ganesh). He wants to become a police officer. He takes a lot of effort and clears his written tests too. But his brother-in-law, a sub inspector (Manivannan), doesn't like this and makes Prasanna get failed in his physical test. Prasanna then sets out to start a detective agency along with Vadivelu. He meets Sheela and falls for her. Once he comes to know that the life of the Governor (Visu) is in danger. And how he teaches lesson to the gangsters and saves Governor's life forms the climax.

Prasanna, after performing some serious roles, appears in a different role. His comedy sequences with Vadivelu are interesting. Sheela does a glamorous role. The chemistry between Prasanna and Sheela is good. Delhi Ganesh does well as a father. Vadivelu has done a good job yet again. Manivannan is adequate. Visu is okay. The others have done upto the content. Music by Deva is pleasant. Story and narration are fine. Cinematography is fine. The other aspects are okay.

Verdict: Average

Courtesy:  Rajamani