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Ammuvaaghiya Naan  அம்முவாகிய நான்

Cast: Bharathi, Parthiban
Music: Sabesh-Murali
Direction: Padmamagan

‘Ammuvaghiya Naan’ (I am a person called Ammu), produced by Parker Bros, is a stirring anecdote of a realistic sex worker and the complication that finds its way into her life when she chooses to lead a ordinary life of a loving housewife. This female oriented flick casts debutante Bharathi in the role of Ammu while senior actor R Parthepan play the second lead.

The story is a lift from a fictional biography narrating the poignant tale of a girl who was willfully traded by her poor parents to a Madame so that their child can lead a better life. Ammu (Bharati) fascinated by the other women living in the brothel desires to trade her body as well only to realize the true significance of her being later.

A debauchee name Natahan offers to pay a sturdy amount to deflorate the pristine child but is chucked out because of his gross attitude. After enticing and hooking numerous patrons, Ammu finally staggers upon a flourishing fiction writer, Gauri Shanker, a rich man who only hankers after vague honors.

After several meetings, Ammu finally ties the knot with Gauri Shanker. But the shadows of her past simply refuses to leave her and keeps recurring in her bedchamber, restaurant and incidentally in the chalet of Nathan who is one of the judges in the award panel that makes the climax slightly more unsurprising.
The plot budges in flashback, with the film opening with a court scene with the judge presiding over a murder case. He repeatedly adjourns the case before finally giving out the jurisdiction. But before doing so, he venerates the very person who has accepted to be the assassin in open court for the
novel's being chosen for the honor.

Bharti and Parthepan deliver their roles with great skill and dexterity. Director Padma Magan handles the film well and screens the sensitive picture with great flair.  Camera work by M S Prabhu is worth applauding. Editing by Suresh Urs is sensible while S Surulirajan's dialogues are touching. Overall, a stirring film.

Courtesy:  musicindia